With an audience of millions, what would you ask?

Do you have a burning question that you would like answered? Do you want to drive targeted leads into the heart of your business?

Surveys.co.uk provides businesses with the opportunity to place a question on our survey, and get direct answers from the millions of consumers that complete our survey each year. From research to lead generation, our multi channel survey delivers fast and accurate results for many businesses at very competitive rates.

Surveys.co.uk has the only true multi-channel survey program, incorporating postal, online, telephone and warranty card channels. We collect over 3 million new surveys every year giving you the chance to ask the UK consumer any question of your choice.

What are the benefits?

Gain real competitive advantage and sponsor a question on an exclusive basis for an agreed period of time, up to 12 months. Your competitors will not be able to use that data during this period and you'll be the first to reach these consumers.

Delivery speed - Our telephone and online surveys are able to collect and supply leads on a continuous basis and within 24 hours of capture, making them fresher than any other source. For postal surveys, our FastLeads service prioritises your data for extraction and delivery. We can adapt and agree the delivery patterns to suit your own communication plans.

FastLeads in real-time - We can take your sponsorship one step further by putting the consumer directly in contact with you the moment they are willing and ready to discuss your products and services. We achieve this through telephone hot-key transfer direct to your own sales team to complete the transaction.

Multi-channel - We collect personal contact information for postal, email, telephone and mobile communications channels. Take a further step towards true integrated communication planning.

Pricing options to maximise budget - From cost per thousand (CPM) to cost per lead (CPL) we can provide a solution designed to deliver the most effective use of your marketing budget.

Four Simple Steps to Success

1. Question Design

To ensure that leads are sufficiently qualified and produce the best results, question construction is essential. We’ve been designing questionnaires for many years and our experienced Dialog Team will work with you to tailor the question and response options.

2. Testing and adjustment

The flexibility of our telephone and online surveys enables us to run a test program for an agreed period of time to measure the effect on response from question design and collection channel.

3. Pricing

The testing phase allows us to provide a detailed and informed pricing agreement based on the length of call and forecast number of leads.

4. Rollout

Once proven, we’ll proceed to fully rollout against an agreed period of time, budget or number of leads required.

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